About the South Rockies Grizzly Bear Project

The South Rockies Grizzly Bear Project (SRGBP) was created in 1978 with the goal of providing knowledge and planning tools to ensure the long-term conservation and sustainability of grizzly bears in British Columbia.

The key to the success of the South Rockies Grizzly Bear Project is sound scientific field research, practical results, and a large-scale or landscape level approach toward grizzly bear conservation.

Using both demographic data, the trend in food sources, and the monitoring of mortality sources, the South Rockies Grizzly Project aims to monitor and manage the grizzly population in the southern Rockies of British Columbia so that population will remain stable and viable for the future. Identifying factors that drive trends in population size and structure allow scientists to make suggestions for land and animal management that allow appropriate action to safeguard this population of bears.

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